Miriam Abadi / Chopard

Chopard’s Happy Sport The First Watch features Miriam Abadi

By admin / December 8, 2021 /

When it comes to Xmas gifts, every woman in Monaco is hoping its’ the new Chopard watch thats sitting underneath her Xmas tree. Even better if he diamonds inside are running free. When the trademark floating diamonds first made their appearance in a timepiece in 1976, they could have easily been dismissed as a novelty.…

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Mitch Lowe and Guillaume Rose at the Monaco Streaming Film Festival

UseCrypt for Privacy

By admin / August 1, 2021 /

Co-founding executive of Netflix Mitch Lowe has joined UseCrypt as one of their major investors during the launch at the Yacht Club of Monaco. The three million euros investment will fund a project that guarantees genuine privacy to people in the field of telecommunications. UseCrypt is a global, decentralized communications system that connects users and…

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Best Food Deliveries

By admin / March 28, 2020 /

Our traditional sit-down restaurants are history for now and we already miss their friendly vibes as well as the heartening smiles of our favorite waiters… Though, even if we are housebound and hungry, most of our favorite restaurants in Monaco are offering great food delivery options. And if there is no way to truly replicate…

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The Heart of Monaco

By admin / February 21, 2019 /

La Condamine is the second oldest part of the Principality and also the most dynamic. There’s a fantastic array of boutique stores as well as countless restaurants and cafés. Bordering this thriving business district in Port Hercule, lined with bars, more restaurants and those incredible looking luxury yachts. In many ways, La Condamine is the…

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Monaco in One Day

By admin / October 31, 2018 /

Monaco may be small, but it certainly packs a punch. Beyond its luxurious and enigmatic persona, the Principality is a rich melting pot of culture, entertainment and history. There is so much to do in Monaco, it is difficult to fit it all into one day. But if you must, here are our top picks!…

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