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Maison NOIR x Heroïn

Maison NOIR x Heroïn: The exclusive capsule collection unveiled

The Maison NOIR and Heroïn brands are joining their creative forces to present a new capsule collection: Maison NOIR Monaco x Heroïn. A collaboration that highlights the sobriety and particular elegance of black. Designed to combine and reveal the common values ​​of the two brands, this new generation road bike is produced in only 10…

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Miriam Abadi / Chopard

Chopard’s Happy Sport The First Watch features Miriam Abadi

When it comes to Xmas gifts, every woman in Monaco is hoping its’ the new Chopard watch thats sitting underneath her Xmas tree. Even better if he diamonds inside are running free. When the trademark floating diamonds first made their appearance in a timepiece in 1976, they could have easily been dismissed as a novelty.…

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Innovative Water Toys from Monaco

Justin Bieber and Lewis Hamilton have more than tattoos in common. Both studs are proud owners (and fans) of a Monaco-created Esurf. A true revolution, 100% eco-responsible, with no compromises in terms of sensations and performance, and which does not emit any pollutants. Concerned about preserving his favourite playground, the Monegasque entrepreneur Flavien Neyertz founded…

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Mitch Lowe and Guillaume Rose at the Monaco Streaming Film Festival

UseCrypt for Privacy

Co-founding executive of Netflix Mitch Lowe has joined UseCrypt as one of their major investors during the launch at the Yacht Club of Monaco. The three million euros investment will fund a project that guarantees genuine privacy to people in the field of telecommunications. UseCrypt is a global, decentralized communications system that connects users and…

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7 Activities to Entertain Children During Quarantine

With the Covid-19 epidemic, children are bound to stay home. It is therefore essential to work out a timetable so that our youngsters do not take advantage of it to spend their day in front of a screen. Indeed, if schedules are needed to study and do homework assiduously, it is also important to dedicate…

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7 Tips to Work from Home

With the coronavirus outbreak and social distancing measures brought in by governments across the globe, millions of people are now working from home. Indeed, if working from home may appear as a dream solution for some, enabling to you manage your own schedule, to work in your pajamas and to spend more time with your…

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Best TV Shows to Watch During Quarantine

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to escalate across the globe, world governments are encouraging people to stay at home. Therefore, inevitably, if you are confined to your home, you have to find ways to enjoy your free time. This is where streaming platforms and their well-stocked catalog come in! Indeed, to escape boredom, we decided…

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How to Stay Fit at Home

A month, or more, without leaving the house? A good way to preserve your health by avoiding catching Coronavirus… But be careful not to fall into the trap of inactivity! Paying attention to your posture in teleworking, allowing yourself small daily training sessions and not falling into the snacking trap: Crème de la Crème reveals…

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15 Things to do During Quarantine

to all the procrastinators who once said “I will do this as soon as I have time” or “come on, tomorrow I’m going to do it!”, and who, when the time comes, unwinds in front of Netflix, forgetting what was promised. Quarantine is there to help you not to escape these activities and we are…

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