7 Activities to Entertain Children During Quarantine

7 Activities to Entertain Children During Quarantine

With the Covid-19 epidemic, children are bound to stay home. It is therefore essential to work out a timetable so that our youngsters do not take advantage of it to spend their day in front of a screen. Indeed, if schedules are needed to study and do homework assiduously, it is also important to dedicate time to positive and fun family activities!

Wondering how to keep your children busy? Here a few ideas of fun activities which are easy to set up at home (and which secretly allow us to hold onto our childish soul a little longer!)

Classic games to the rescue

As we now live in a digitalized age, many children do not know the classic games that delighted young and old for long hours. This is the perfect opportunity to bring out board games to enjoy quality and bonding time with your loved ones! Whether you choose Scrabble, Clue, Monopoly, or a simple card game, all are great fun for a family play (or sometimes family feud…).
Also, organizing a treasure hunt, playing simple scientific games or a hide-and-seek session will keep the whole family occupied.

Have them participate in housework

A great way to distract children is to get them involved in daily tasks. They will have fun and learn that things at home are not done by magic. This means helping to prepare the meals, set the table or clean up, for example. You may also organize contests to see who puts the best table, or who does the most housework! Of course, at their level and in always in a fun way.

Music and video in the spotlight

Your children’s idols are Youtubers and other influencers whose videos flood the web? Well, it is time for them to become their own idols. Inventing choreographies, dubbing a scene from films, or making a short film, becoming a rock star or composing their own song are ways to amuse them and encourage their creativity and imagination.

Art sessions

Children have an overflowing creativity… Far from the screens, they can paint, write a poem, create a comic, make a collage, a photo album and take advantage of the recycled objects around the house. Or even write a newspaper on their daily life in quarantine!

All in the kitchen!

Kids love to cook and help their parents prepare a dish, and even more so when it is a cake. Personally, we cannot resist the call of chocolate chip cookies … Can you?

Furthermore the Internet is full of good recipe ideas to prepare with your young ones!
Here are some ideas that will make them happy: the iconic chocolate fondant, a yogurt cake, an apple pie, cupcakes…

And don’t forget to check out Crème de la Crème’s Easter dessert recipes!

Home cinema session

Since the cinemas are closed, the cinema will go home. The small screen is always a great ally, as long as you don’t abuse it. To imagine that you are in the cinema, only a little imagination is enough! Total darkness and popcorn session. After the movie, you also can organize a debate with your children and thus benefit from working on their understanding. Moreover, it could be the opportunity to awaken their senses to foreign languages by watching movies or cartoons in their original version.

Dress up to dream a little

Because who does not enjoy to put themselves in the shoes of their favorite hero for an afternoon? From superheroes’ capes, to princesses’ dresses, sorcerers’ hats and animal costumes, imagination is the only limit!
PS: the prize for the best costume is an extraordinarily savory snack!