7 Tips to Work from Home

7 Tips to Work from Home

With the coronavirus outbreak and social distancing measures brought in by governments across the globe, millions of people are now working from home.

Indeed, if working from home may appear as a dream solution for some, enabling to you manage your own schedule, to work in your pajamas and to spend more time with your loved ones… this forced revolution in our way of working can be very challenging, as at home, everything can be synonymous with temptation and devolution.

thus, effectively working from home requires the establishment of a new work routine but also of some adjustments to create a comfortable and reassuring work bubble.

So how do you organize yourself when you have to work from home? How to arrange the space, decorate it and work efficiently? Change the furniture, isolate yourself in style, telecommunicate: discover our top tips for serene home-working!

1 – Transform a room (or space) into an office

When working from home, it is essential to create a dedicated space in the house. Ideally,  transform a room or space into an office, for more comfort, tranquility and to have the impression, despite everything, of going “to the office”. Besides, dedicating a space solely to your work will allow you to mark real break times. Thus, the main idea is to find a space where you only work and where you can leave your computer, files and agenda at the end of your day to unwind!

2 – Create a work routine
Above all, creating a work routine is crucial. Just because you do not have to go at the office does not mean you should lounge around in your pajamas all day. Therefore, try to get up at your usual time and get dressed, in order for you to get into a working mindset. Furthermore, it is important to keep to your normal work hours. Don’t let yourself drag into working at all times of the day, and even worse at night, as it will negatively impact your work-life balance.

3 – Multiply the storage space to organize home-working

Being organized correctly is a precious asset, especially when you only have an office area in the middle of another room. this way, you can store everything away when the weekend comes: binders on shelves, files in drawers, mails to be treated in a box and pens in a pretty jar. Moreover, sometimes when you work alone, there is a great temptation to leave your office as it is since no one is there to give you thoughts. therefore, try to impose on yourselves moments to tidy it up. For instance, Friday late afternoon is ideal in order to start the week off right on Monday!

4 – Sit on a comfortable office chair

At work or at home, the office chair is one of the essentials in order to work efficiently. thus, it must be ergonomic, enveloping and comfortable, in the aim of relieving the muscles of the upper body (we are sorry, but no, your bed won’t do…).
Indeed, never forget that it is necessary to have an upright posture on your office chair, to  slightly raise your legs, if possible, for better blood circulation, and to avoid being static for too long. We guarantee you will feel the benefits of these few gestures at the end of the day!

5 – Stay connected

One of the most important tips in order to work assiduously from home is to stay connected with your colleagues throughout the working day. First and foremost, it will this help ensure continuity and productivity in terms of business. But most importantly it will help allay any feelings of isolation or loneliness, which is vital to mental well-being.

6 – Personalize your office decor

Finally, in order to create a space in which you feel serene, it is important to decorate it and arrange it to your taste. Indeed, one of the perks of working from home is that you may choose everything: the layout of your office, your furniture, plants and decoration. It’s up to you to create an office in which you feel comfortable! Take a desk that is large enough, practical and aesthetic, a seat as comfortable as elegant, don’t forget the desk lamp and take advantage of the configuration of your desk area to decorate it. Choose pretty storage boxes, frame inspirational quotes, install a light garland… in short, treat yourself!

7 – take a break from coronavirus

Last but not least, as we are logged on to our smartphones or desktops all day we can easily get sucked into a never-ending loop of news on Covid-19. therefore, Crème de la Crème’s last tip to work from home is to take a break from it all (yes, we do need to stop refreshing our twitter feed to check out the latest statistics). Be positive.
Indeed, a positive mindset will not only make you feel better, it will also encourage you to increase your focus and productivity.

And remember, be united and supportive, take care of yourself and others #StayHome