How to Stay Fit at Home

How to Stay Fit at Home

A month, or more, without leaving the house? A good way to preserve your health by avoiding catching Coronavirus… But be careful not to fall into the trap of inactivity!

Paying attention to your posture in teleworking, allowing yourself small daily training sessions and not falling into the snacking trap: Crème de la Crème reveals you their best tips not to loose shape while being house-bound!

Use the furniture

Yes, you can keep fit at home, when we have no machines or equipment… Indeed, there are a lot of exercises you can do with a simple chair or staircase! For instance, in the case of pumps the staircase allows the arms to be placed higher than the feet, and the fact of being inclined makes the movement easier. Easy, right?
Ok, let’s continue strengthening our arms … A few dips for the road? Sit on a step or a bench and place your hands next to your buttocks. Advance the buttocks in a vacuum, bend the elbows, then descend the back of the buttocks.

You want more? To strengthen the thighs, you can do flexes, lunges, or squats. Moreover, to increase the intensity and work out the cardio, you can add jumps.
You may also easily do abs 😉

Listen to professionals advices

You are afraid of performing the movement wrong? Do not panic, the Internet is full of tutorial videos made by professionals. From online yoga classes to boxing, from ballet to Zumba, fitness and cross-training, we have no doubt you will find a discipline which you enjoy practicing! So no excuse for not doing sports.
Also, recall that government measures still allow you to go running a little during the day, provided you do not do it in a group.

Working from home: hold on tight!

For some, after these exercises, no question of going back under the duvet: you have to telework! But better avoid doing it from the couch, slouching, with the laptop on your laps. the key is to listen to your body and pay deep attention to your posture.
Indeed, there are a few basic techniques you may adopt in order to relieve your muscles and back. For instance, try to slightly raise your legs to stimulate blood circulation and elevate your keyboard or desk stand to keep your back straight.

Hide those chips…!!

One last trap to avoid, and not the least: snacking. Yes, staying in shape also means paying attention to your diet. Don’t deny it, when you stay home and especially in a period like this when you might feel a little stressed… it makes you want to eat chocolate! thus, the best is still to take real lunch breaks, like at the office. Stop working, and sit at the table to eat a balanced meal, rather than snacking throughout the day.
But time may be a bit long, so don’t be too hard on yourself, and give yourself a little treat from time to time… Nothing prohibits a square of chocolate with coffee!

And remember, be united and supportive, take care of yourself and others #StayHome