15 Things to do During Quarantine

15 Things to do During Quarantine

to all the procrastinators who once said “I will do this as soon as I have time” or “come on, tomorrow I’m going to do it!”, and who, when the time comes, unwinds in front of Netflix, forgetting what was promised. Quarantine is there to help you not to escape these activities and we are here to remind you!

Indeed, Crème de la Crème has concocted a list of everything that we want to do and that we never do due to a lack of time, motivation, or an illness which affects us all: the “lazy-flu”.

Since we are all housebound, let’s make our interior radiant!

Clean your home

Can you see this big piece of furniture in the entrance? the one which has not been moved for as long as you can remember? Yes, this one and all the others, will be able to be part of the largest housekeeping that you have ever done in your home sweet home. It is time to finally get rid of those rogue dust bunnies!

tidy up your cellar, attic or garden shed

Things pile up in a chaos that only you can understand. Take your courage with two hands and make this storage room a clean and tidy place. This will boost your morale and make the day go by, without even realizing it.

Sort out your clothes

You struggle every day to know where your belongings are and which ones you can put? there you go, empty your cupboards, sort and re-store in the “art of tidying up”. Choosing your outfit for the day will become a real pleasure, even if it’s just to put on a cozy set tor work from home.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

The stoves, a new pleasure

Quarantine does not mean junk food or snacking, so be creative! We know that during these difficult times, going grocery shopping and stockpiling may be complicated. Though, if you have to fall back on cans or food that seems to have always haunted your cupboards, why not try to bring something out of it? Top Chef reaches out to you! Learn to enjoy the flavors, who knows, it may even become a new habit!

Get back to sport

to all those who have told themselves: tomorrow I’m going to the gym! You can finally do sports at your own pace, without the pressure of Mr. Muscles who lifts 100kg with his little finger. Find a program to do at home, follow a little routine and get started!


Start meditation and/or yoga

Why not take advantage of this quarantine to refocus on yourself? Meditation or yoga are perfect activities to escape the ambient panic. You don’t have a yoga mat? Your living room rug or two floor towels will do the trick.

time to deal with digital disorder

Sort out your photos
These 458 gigabytes of photos that you still have not been able to give up on, sleep in your last three phones and deserve to be released. Also, what better way to cheer up than to scroll in your memories and choose a few of them to decorate your walls or create photo albums? Indeed, many apps ,such as Lalalab or Cheerz, exist to print your photos directly from your phone.

Back up your computer and/or phone

The coronavirus has reached the entire planet and you can protect yourself from it with simple barrier gestures. But if a virus hits your computer, you will only have your eyes to cry. It’s time to get ready and finally make a backup of your device.

Take care of your emails

Have you ever noticed the incredible amount of emails you that you have accumulated during all these years? In just an hour and a few clicks, you can lighten it all up.

Get creative!


Creative activities with your children

Now that you have cleaned up your cellar, you must have found treasures to customize! For this part, tutorials from Pinterest and Youtube will be your best allies. Now is the time to make this puppet theater or fortress that your children have been dreamed of for months!

Keep a journal or notebook

Nothing better than creating a Bullet Journal and scribbling your moods instead of venting on your companion, also on the verge of a nervous breakdown during this quarantine. Moreover, according to a study by the American Psychological Association, those who take five minutes each night to write down a to-do list fall asleep faster and sleep better. So get your best pens!

Culture at home

Start reading again

Your library is full of books that you bought telling yourself “I’m going to read it on the plane”. Take advantage of this time to finally decide to turn the first pages of these books, whose cover has always appealed you!

Virtually visit museums

Cultural activities are often overlooked in everyday life. However, with new technologies we can now visit these places from our sofa. Indeed, you can virtually enter museums such as the Washington Museum of Natural History, the Musée d’Orsay in Paris or the National Gallery in London.

#Stayhome while taking care of yourself

Use your beauty products
You have creams that date from 2003, and “cocooning” products that have never been opened. Your new objective: using them! Finally use this ecological soap that your mother-in-law gave you three years ago.

But above all, relax!

Have a nice hot bath. Add a small glass of wine. Take out those candles that you only want to light for special occasions. Listen to music and relax. The world will continue its mad rush but you can at least pause it for a few minutes.

And remember, be united and supportive, take care of yourself and others #StayHome