The Heart of Monaco

The Heart of Monaco

La Condamine is the second oldest part of the Principality and also the most dynamic. There’s a fantastic array of boutique stores as well as countless restaurants and cafés. Bordering this thriving business district in Port Hercule, lined with bars, more restaurants and those incredible looking luxury yachts. In many ways, La Condamine is the bustling heart of Monaco.

The Principality is famous for its eclectic mix of architecture and culture. Likewise, for a taste of traditional Monaco a visit to the ‘Place d’Armes’ is a must. This charming square is encircled by cosy cafés and handy retail stores. Under the arches hides a true gem, a food hall unlike any other in the Riviera.

The ‘Halle Gourmande’ is ideal for a fun lunch with friends. Furthermore, it offers everything from fresh homemade pasta to truffle pizza and sushi. There is a sense of community here that is very unique in the Principality. A coming together at large communal tables enjoying affordable food and good conversation. It’s no wonder that it is filled to the brim with locals and working professionals, all continuing a tradition that dates back more than 120 years!

From the Place d’Armes, you can see the ‘Rampe Major’ staircase and 16th-century gates that lead up to the Rock, the oldest part of the Principality.

To the right is Rue Princess Caroline, a pedestrian strip of boutique stores and restaurants which gently slopes towards the sea. Dotted around are smaller charismatic streets, like Rue de Millo, with more boutique stores and cosy places to eat. A wander through these quaint little streets will reveal some beautiful Belle Epoque architecture.

Finally, the Port Hercule marks the all-important start and finish line of the Monaco Grand Prix, but there is more to this area than its racing stardom. Iconic bars including the Brasserie de Monaco and Jack are a favourite among locals and tourists alike because of the reasonably priced drinks, lively atmosphere and views of luxury yachts on the harbour.

La Condamine is sure to entertain whether it is day or night. Summer or winter, it is always the place to be.